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Essential Doors is one of the leading distributors of fully finished fire doors in the United Kingdom and Ireland, working with some of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers in Europe for a prestigious list of blue chip clients in the construction, fit-out, public, corporate and retail markets.

To any project, Essential Doors brings quality products to meet specification and compliance requirements in a package that is tailored to each individual project’s needs. Essential Doors staff work closely with architects, specifiers and design teams to offer a full service, including quotations, performance specifications, aesthetic finish, scheduling services, architectural ironmongery, access control systems and delivery to site across the range of standard, extended and fire door sets.

Crucially, Essential Doors can guarantee to supply any standard order for the UK and Ireland within 48 hours.

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Standard Veneer Doorsets

Essential Doors offers six standard veneers for doors: Oak, Maple, Beech, Ash, Walnut & Cherry with all other real wood veneers on request. All come with hardwood lippings to two or four edges.






Steamed Beech



White Beech


Painted Doorsets

All Painted doorsets are pre primed for site decoration, Veneer Doorsets can be pre finished natural or stained to requirement.

Fully painted timber doorsets

Laminate Faced Doorsets

Laminate Faced Doorsets

Essential Doors offers an excellent range of coloured and wood replica HPL Facings for doorsets. These heavy duty doors are regularly specified in commercial applications for their exceptionally hard-wearing, stain resistant and easy cleaning credentials. Wood Replica doors are faced with an industrial laminate woodgrain effect and can be hardwood lipped or PVC edged.

Laminate finish ranges are hard-wearing, stain resistant, very easy to clean and are available in a vast range of colours, from bright bold solids colours to paler and pastel shades. The choice of colours allows these doors to create unique internal environments, carrying the ethos of the design throughout the building, while still meeting functional and compliance requirements. Factory finished hardwood lippings and glazing beads are included and the doors can be supplied with hardwood lippings (four sides) or PVC edging.

All laminate brands are available including:

Special Application Doorsets

When the standard range isn’t quite what you want, Essential Doors is happy to provide special application doorsets to meet specific needs and criteria. We will listen carefully to your needs and requirements and recommend a solution to suit. Just some of the applications we have experience of include:

  • Leadlines X-ray or Radiation Doors
  • Double Action Emergency Release Doorsets
  • Security Doorsets
  • Postformed Doorsets
  • Bullet Proof Doorsets
  • Anti-Ligature Doorsets
  • Concealed Door Closer Doorsets
  • Sliding Doorsets
  • Full Height Doorsets
  • Glazed Screens
  • Fanlights
  • Overpanels

Essential Specifications

Frame and Door Detail

  • Softwood – Available primed or Unfinished
  • Hardwood – Available primed, or a Natural Finish
  • Veneer – Available in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak or Walnut with a natural finish.
    Other real wood veneers available on request
  • Leadlined Hardwood – Available primed or with a natural finish

Frame Profiles – Solid Frames

  • Unless a specific requirement is requested, frames are twice rebated sections
  • Standard frames are manufactured 100mm wide
  • Softwood single piece sections are up to 250mm wide
  • Hardwood single piece sections are up to 140mm wide with extension piece added
  • For widths great than 250mm, extension lining is incorporated
Frame Profiles

Fire Door Frames

  • FD30 frames can be rebated or using the door stop option.
  • FD60 frames are supplied with a rebated hardwood frame only.

Doorset Configurations

Essential Doors range of doorsets ensures availability to suit all openings and there is a comprehensive range of configurations and styles available. Compliance to standards and regulations, functionality and safety are integral to all doorset designs but the range of sizes and finishes mean that there is no compromise on aesthetics.

Threshold seals maintain the doorset’s required acoustic performance and we recommend dropdown or wiper seals with a rubber threshold to achieve acoustic requirements at floor level.

Doorset Configurations
Doorset Configurations 2

Performance Specification Options


Generally, fire doors need to meet the requirements of BS 476 part 20 and 22 together with BS 476 part 8. BS 476 part 31.1 applies to smoke control standards. Essential Doors also meets European fire and smoke testing standards BS EN 1634-1 and BS EN -3, which are likely to be accepted in UK Building Regulations. A range of Essential Design doorsets have also been tested for durability to DD171 and EN 1192, giving them a severe duty rating.

Hinged and pivoted doors are classified for strength and durability by four categories:

  • Light – private dwellings
  • Medium – offices and dwellings with higher risk of damage
  • Heavy – hospitals and public buildings
  • Severe – educational establishments

Essential Specifications

Vision Panels

Essential Doors can supply a wide range of vision panel doors as standard and, working with sister company Essential Glass, can insert glazed panels to specific requirements. We offer the full standard range of glazing panel options, including those that are DDA compliant.

In addition to standard glazing, Essential Doors can supply doorsets with integrity glass as defined by BS 476: part 20 1987, i.e. the glass will provide an effective barrier to flames and hot gases. We can also supply insulation glass panels to BT 476: part 20 1987, which, in addition to withstanding flames and hot gases also provides resistance to the transfer of heat to the protected face. Glass thickness ranges from 6mm to 17mm depending upon performance requirements.


BWF Certifire scheme

The leading authority on fire door safety. Our members provide a range of 3rd party certificated products to ensure that all involved in the specification, installation, inspection and use of fire doors are confident that BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme products are fit for purpose.

Standard Vision Panel Configurations

Vision Panels 1
Vision Panels 2

Vision panels can be cnc’d into doors in various sizes and shapes. Essential Design will provide advice
on achieving fire door status with vision panels. There are additional types that can be achieved.
Glass thickness can vary depending on required performance.

Regulatory Standards Relating to Specifying Doorsets

Document M – Access to and use of the building

The Doc M requirement is to ensure that buildings are accessible, user friendly and that every effort has been made, within reason, to make satisfactory access for all users regardless of disability, age or gender. This regulation applies to existing buildings, extensions, alterations, change of use and new build.

BS 8300

This design of building code of practice BS 8300 is now a statutory standard detailing the needs of the disabled and setting out good practice guidelines on all aspect of design in order to meet the needs and convenience of the disabled.

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act incorporates the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) with the aim of ending the discrimination that many disabled people face. This Act enables disabled people to an equal opportunity in many aspects.

HTM 58 and HTM 59

Hospital Technical Memoranda is an industry technical guide which is applied to the construction and use of Health Buildings. HTM 58 relates to doorsets, while HTM 59 relates to architectural ironmongery. Both need to be used in conjunction with Doc M and BS 8300 when considering access for the disabled.

DDA Compliance

In order to assist with DDA compliance, Essential Doors offers:

  • A range of doors available in DDA compliant sizes
  • For the visually impaired, a wide range of colours and contrasts, in accordance with Doc M guidance
  • DDA compliant vision panels
door laminateEssential Doors can offer a recessing flush kicker plate
and push plate service with the Door Laminate

Configurations and Terminology

doorsets specs doorsets specs

Hinge Positions & Door Handle Heights

Handles can differ from job to job as well as preferences to height. Standard handle heights are 1000mm from finished floor level.